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Healthcare / Life Sciences

Encompassing a variety of end-user program needs, SIGAL's experience features construction, renovations, and build-outs of hospitals, specialized medical suites, and pharmaceutical research/manufacturing facilities.

Representative Projects Location SF
Drug Enforcement Administration Laboratory Facility Arlington, VA 80,000 SF
Carnegie Institution of Washington Washington, DC 50,000 SF
NVCC Higher Education Center Sterling, VA 41,600 SF
North American Vaccine Laboratories Beltsville, MD 26,000 SF
Niro, Inc. - Pharmaceutical Technology Center Columbia, MD 16,100 SF
Taconic Anmed Rockville, MD 13,200 SF
US Fish and Wildlife Arlington, VA 7,500 SF
GWU Ambulatory Care Center MRI Suite Washington, DC 5,500 SF
GWU Ross Hall Laboratory Washington, DC 5,500 SF
GWU Bell Hall Laboratory  Washington, DC 3,500 SF
Firmus Labs Laurel, MD 3,200 SF
GWU Bio-Safety Level 3 Laboratory Washington, DC 3,000 SF
Eye Doctors of Washington Washington, DC 3,000 SF
City Paws Animal Hospital Washington, DC 3,000 SF
GWU Cardiac Operating Room/Cardiac Intensive Care Suite Washington, DC 2,600 SF
Virginia Hospital Center Arlington, VA 2,600 SF
GWU Hospital Sixth Nurses Station Washington, DC 1,000 SF