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At SIGAL, we recognize that our success reflects the dedication and commitment of both our own colleagues and network of reliable subcontractors. SIGAL does not self-perform any trade work, and therefore, we are not poised to compete with those who comprise the backbone of our industry—subcontractors and suppliers.

In fact, we believe it's important to foster strong working relationships that help subcontractors who have proven themselves as reliable and committed to craftsmanship excellence. In addition, SIGAL is flexible in working with our clients to tailor the best team all-round; we are an open-shop construction company.

Part of the SIGAL Way is to help every member of the SIGAL Team thrive and succeed, in-house and externally. To that end, SIGAL has refined its process to aid subcontractors in being able to become a prequalified bidder for any SIGAL project, as appropriate, and without hindrance of an exhaustive, paper-laden process.

Below are hyperlinks that will help you get started if you wish to become a Prequalified SIGAL Subcontractor and/or see what bid opportunities SIGAL is currently pursuing. We look forward to working with you!

SIGAL Bid Room

To see bid opportunities SIGAL is currently pursuing, visit the SIGAL Bid Room.

In the future, you can go straight to the bidroom by visiting


Subcontractor Supplier List

You may download the Subcontractor Supplier List here.

Subcontractor Requisition Form

You may download the Subcontractor Requisition Form here.

Need to Send Us a Large File?

Please use WeTransfer File Sharing Service
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If you need to transfer a file that's larger than 2GB, please email to make arrangements.