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General Contracting

Services, General Contracting; The MITRE Corporation CAASD

In addition to providing services under construction management agreements, SIGAL has the ability to provide a full range of general contracting services, including but not limited to utilizing stipulated sum, guaranteed maximum price (GMP), or cost plus contracts. In these instances, the owner will have a contract directly with SIGAL who will hold all of the trade subcontracts and manage the construction process from site mobilization to closeout.

SIGAL has the resources and knowledge required to keep projects on schedule and within budget. Our services start with a competitive bid held between prequalified subcontractors. Unlike many of our competitors, SIGAL does not self-perform any trade work which offers a two-fold benefit to clients: SIGAL's budgets are not skewed by unfair markups of its own work; and subcontractors recognize they are not in direct competition with SIGAL resulting in more competitive and fair pricing the first time around.