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Our Difference

Our Difference; Wilson High School

At SIGAL, we know it takes much more than steel and concrete to build your vision. It takes quality people. We are a company of dedicated individuals with passion and commitment to having integrity, being ethical, and providing the highest quality construction services for our clients.

Service is SIGAL's core philosophy. More than just meeting, service means exceeding our clients' needs. Superior service is what distinguishes our company. The SIGAL Team, backed with the most advanced, state-of-the-art resources, listens to your vision. We understand it and work with you to make even the smallest detail an amazing reality.

In compliment to that shared mindset, SIGAL's management strives to stimulate mutual respect and trust, as well as promote the professional growth and technical capabilities of each SIGAL employee. All of our activities are built on the understanding that each of us has a responsibility for our company's profitable future.

You do not become an industry leader overnight - we've been building our vision since 1977. We remain committed to building environments and structures that exceed yours.

There is definitely a can-do spirit in your organization and we are grateful to reap the benefits. The efficiency of the work, the care that was taken and the finished product are all a tribute to your leadership and we are very grateful
Petworth Library
Petworth Library