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About SIGAL; The Jefferson Hotel

SIGAL Construction Corporation (SIGAL), established in 1977, is the Mid-Atlantic Region's premier general contractor specializing in unique projects of varying complexities. In addition, we helped pioneer a green future by being a founding partner of the United States Green Building Council (USGBC).

As one of Washington Metropolitan area's ranked and leading general contractors, SIGAL offers superior services for: General Contracting, Preconstruction, Construction Management, Design-Build, and Sustainability. SIGAL's model of service is forged upon a foundation of four core principles established by SIGAL CEO and Founder, Gerry Sigal, who remains active in our day-to-day operations. These include: Teamwork; Creativity; Integrity; and Responsibility. In compliment, the SIGAL Team embraces these charges as their own and deploys them for each and every project for which we are entrusted in taking them from "on the boards" to physical structures and spaces.

SIGAL's dedication to and consistent demand for the highest craftsmanship standards has earned SIGAL many awards and accolades throughout the years. They have also contributed to SIGAL's ability to nurture and maintain long-lasting relationships that are not limited to clients--over a third of the SIGAL Team averages a tenure of 10 years or more, most of whom have been trained and promoted within the ranks of our company.